Last of the summer bounty or a pluot dance…


photo of Last of the summer bounty

click here to view the video

This is project number one from Creating Time Capsules. My love of photography is morphing into a love of moving images and this is the first video class that I have taken. I am now bitten and will likely be taking more especially if Xanthe Berkeley teaches them. She is a wonderful teacher.

For the class, our video subject matter is imagery that evokes memories of places or times that we want to remember. Of course that is likely the main reason we all take photos & videos. But Xanthe emphasizes how lovely it is to remember the less eventful moments in our live… the everyday moments that are so powerful due to their mundane qualities.

So I was drawn to make a little stop-frame animation of my pluots. This summer I feasted on peaches, nectarines, pluots and tomatoes from the farmer’s market. Aside from the incredible taste, I am drawn to their beautiful color and heavenly smell. I ate fruit for breakfast and lunch almost every day, so it turns out to be a strong memory from the summer of 2012. I hope to have many more just like it. So as I long for next summer now I have a little movie to make me smile. Hope it makes you smile too.


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