per my brother’s request…

some food shots…eating lots of pasta in VeniceI must begin with a disclaimer. It is turning out to be rather difficult to remember to pause to take a photo once these amazing dishes have been set in front of me. I consider it a victory that I was able to snap these few before I dug in.

First, Venice is the home of the Bellini so I have had my fair share. Next is Tagliatelle in a duck Bolognese, followed by the classic Spaghetti Pomodoro. Last is a simple spaghetti with a light butter, garlic & tomato sauce with a half lobster on the side. When they brought it out they called the lobster the Gondola. As I imagined, the pasta here is the best I have ever eaten and I plan to keep enjoying it throughout the trip.


5 thoughts on “per my brother’s request…

  1. There are some amazing artichoke dishes to be had (fried artichoke in Italy – incredible!) Make sure and have gelato. If you like liquor and lemon – can’t go wrong with limoncello. Fish dishes – yum. We had an amazing cheesecake that was made from ricotta. Don’t leave without a cannoli. Well, I could go on and on. Ciao! Mangia Bene!

  2. Ciao bella! It’s not even 8:30am here and I’m hungry already. The food looks spectacular! Did I hear Lemoncello? Have a little for me. Loving the pics! vorrei essere lì!

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