Florence, day 1

FlorenceHere we are in Florence. Right off the bat, we noticed this cute public phone booth. Wonder if they get any use now that almost everyone seems to have a telefonino. Next is the Arno river and one of its many bridges. The second bridge is the Ponte Vecchio upon which the Medici family walked from the Pitti Palace to the Ufizzi. Last are some lovers locks that people lock to the bridge to profess their undying love.

FlorenceThe top two shots are of the outside of the Ufizzi, or the administrative offices of the House of Medici. Next are some slammin’ shoes that I just had to snap a shot of since I will never wear them. Next is a view from the Ponte Vecchio and last is one of the many little goldsmith shops that line the Ponte Vecchio. They used to house the butchers, bakers & candlestick makers until the Medici got rid of them & put in the goldsmiths instead. Supposedly it was because of the stink caused by the former.

Pitti Palace, FlorenceThis is the outside of the Pitti Palace, first the front and next the gardens and last the view from the gardens.

FlorenceThe huge sculpture above is in the gardens at the Pitti Palace but only dates to circa 1980 even though it was made to look ancient. That is probably the newest piece of art we have seen during our entire stay. The next 2 images are of a lovely little bottega.


6 thoughts on “Florence, day 1

  1. Florence looks beautiful! Very different from Venice. I’ll be interested to hear how you both like all the artist shops and their wares…and the food of course!

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