Last bit of Florence

It has been quite a while since I last posted about our Italian holiday. The holiday itself got busier in the last half and the wifi became more difficult to come by. Then we arrived back home and I plunged right into all the business of non-holiday life. So now that we are upon the winter holiday season, I am going to try to finish up with the Italian holiday posts. Seems about right, doesn’t it?

I know I said that next I would post about Rome but I forgot about a whole set of photos from Florence. So this is the last of Florence. Mostly street scenes.Florence-end1

I loved the stained glass Farmacia sign above. Then, this was the largest dog we saw in all of Italy and she looked a lot like our Foxy who is now in doggy heaven so I had to snap a shot of her walking alongside her man as he slowly cycled on the cobblestones. The last shot in this set is of one of the teeny weeny cars that we saw throughout Italy.


We saw a lot of nuns walking around and this one kind of posed for me. She looks kind of mad but that is just how the shot came out. She was actually smiling & encouraging me to take her photo. Next is Michelangelo’s David that we saw at the Academia. We were told not to take photos when we entered and there were signs posted all over but everyone was snapping away. So, only this once, I warned Todd that I was going to go for it. He told me to walk away because he wanted to act like he didn’t know me. I did and got the shot! I later learned that it is part of Italian culture to break the rules. So I guess that is why most of the museums have rules against photography but pretty much everyone ignores them. Next are some street shots from an outdoor market that we shopped along and much-needed refreshments. I had my last Bellini and Todd enjoyed a cold beer.


Finally some really nice street art and the very dramatic sky over Florence.


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