Enter Roma

Roman gate

We didn’t enter Rome through this gate but isn’t it magnificent? You can really get a sense of scale in the shot with the car & the man next to the door. Can you imagine having to close those doors when the city was under siege?

Street scenes of Rome

Next, some lovely art on the wall of a charming building. Then just one of many castle fortifications that can be seen all over Rome. And for contrast, modern times…. The gas stations are literally along the side of the road. You pull up on what would be the shoulder in the US and fill up. We saw a lot of these cool little scooters all over Rome too.

Evening in Rome

The top shots are the view from our Hotel window onto the Piazza Barberini. Next is the best tagliatelle I have ever had and a nice, big, cool jug of wine! So satisfying, makes me want some right now! Then as we walked home from dinner we came across a lovely piazza with horse-drawn carriages. Last is an impressive view of our hotel as you come upon it in the evening. The Hotel Bernini was featured in the end of the movie Angels & Demons. We have yet to see it but now perhaps we should.


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