Food in Italy

In most of our hotels in Italy, this was my breakfast… Eggs, fruit & meat. The coffee was superb everywhere… And I mean regular coffee, not espresso or cappuccino which were also fabulous. The regular coffee came in it’s own little pot along with steamed milk! So yummy!!!


Next is drinks. Aperol spritzer, Bellini and Proseco on the train and free too!


Next is a meal we had at Ca’ Sagredo, our hotel in Venice, on the grand canal. Talk about ambience… the lights glittering on the water, the occasional quiet boat floating by and delectable food! A fig appetizer, raviolis and gelato with fresh berries. Heaven!


Yet another amazing and interesting meal. An appetizer in a pastry shell with a cheese filling and farro with a huge prawn. There was a lot of farro in Italy and I developed a love for it. The most interesting thing I ate in all of Italy was this strawberry risotto. Glad I tried it but it was not my favorite. The ravioli with asparagus was quite good but I only had a small taste since I am allergic. But Todd loved it. And last of course desert. I remember it was amazing but don’t really remember exactly what it was.



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