Sketchbook delight

I know a while back I said we were blogging on our Luscious Life Studios site but I’ve decided to share a new endeavor with you all here. I’ve decided to start a regular sketchbook practice, drawing as often as possible. I’m hoping it will be daily.


I’m taking an online sketching class taught by the fabulous Alisa Burke. It’s called Sketchbook Delight and it is indeed a delight! Homework for week 1 is learning about the tools. It really appeals to my methodical nature to test out the different mark-makers in this fashion. I’m also making notes about the process. For me, this is mostly review but it has been 20+ years since I got my BA in fine art. Even though I do draw regularly, this is more formal than what I normally do. I’m working on getting my muscle memory & dexterity back. Also, now I have to use my reading glasses which is fine but just different. Another thing to get used to.



Alisa is a great instructor. She is very clear and inspirational & really knows her stuff. I highly recommend her classes. If you are wanting some creative fun this fall she has lots of different classes to offer.




2 thoughts on “Sketchbook delight

  1. ahhh so fun to peep inside your sketchbook. Your inspiring me to want to do the same thing. It’s looking good darlinka. Look forward to see what you do with your sketches. I simply know you will come up with something very creative. sketch on and keep calm. !! Or should it be keep calm and sketch on.. ha ha.. !!

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