Lunch time sketching


I started this wineglass while I was waiting for my girlfriends to arrive for lunch. I arrived early and pushed myself to take the sketchbook out and just start. I got the outline done and then the girls showed up and I put my sketchbook away so I could enjoy visiting.


Then when I got home, I pulled a similar glass out of the cupboard and finished the shading. I was so glad that I pushed myself to start while at lunch.

Then a few days later I took myself out to Dopo, one of my favorite Italian cafes. The food is great and they have outdoor tables so Kuma can join me. I was feeling good about my last experience drawing at lunch, so I decided to draw the water bottle which was a recycled wine bottle. I realized I had a theme going with the wine glass, so I decided to add it to the same page.


I used water soluble graphite on this one. After sketching, I gave it a wash of water to blend and give it a more interesting look. I’m very happy with the page as a whole.


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