Wild flowers

Here’s another peek inside my sketchbook. I’m working in my Moleskine journal with the lightweight paper that is better suited to dry media. So I used a black brush pen and a Micro pen to do the initial drawing. Then added color using Neocolor II water based crayons. Once completed, I went over it with a slightly wet brush to blend the color a bit. Oh yeah, the background texture was done by lightly spraying ink through a stencil. I’m really enjoying working in this way on a daily basis, or as close to it as possible. Hope you like seeing what I’m up to.

flower sketch

flower sketch

flower sketch


7 thoughts on “Wild flowers

  1. DORI! Thank you for the long thoughtful comment you left me. It’s very interesting that you get to be a part time parent. It’s love and it’s duty and it’s something to invest in that will come back to you in a very good way. I’m sure that you are a wonderful friend to her. Now I miss you.

    I like the look of this pretty blog and the sketching you’re doing is so fun. Thanks for getting me over here my friend!

  2. Hi Dori. I am enjoying the colors and drawings on your blog. You and I are both from Oakland and we are both enjoying Liz Steele’s Foundations Class. I look forward to getting to know you and perhaps sketching together. A group of friends from Danny Gregory’s SketchbookSkool try to meet at least once a month.

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