Going for a walk and sketching at lunch

One of my favorite things to do is take my dog for a walk in our neighborhood. This summer and fall the weather was so beautiful that we were often able to grab lunch and coffee and sit outside to eat. I usually have some kind of sketching kit with me and though it can feel awkward to work in public, I have been pushing myself to just start. It helps to remember that most people are not interested in what I am up to and they just walk on by.

watercolor sketch of a treeI started this sketch while at lunch a while back. Once I completed the pencil sketch, I began to lose patience and was gently encouraged by my dog to be done so we could keep walking. So I photographed the tree and was able to finish the watercolor painting at home. Turns out this is a good way for me to work as I am more comfortable doing the complex painting in private.

As you can see, I have my trusty fountain pen at the ready as my plan was to add details with ink once the painting was done. But I like it the way it is so am holding off on adding the ink. I can always change my mind. I was also planning on adding a wash in the background but haven’t done that either. It still might happen. But for now the shadow is enough.

watercolor sketch of a treeI’m using these lovely Japanese Kuretake pan watercolors for this painting and I wanted to see what kinds of greens I could mix up. So I did this color chart and found it really helpful for painting the leaves.

watercolor sketch of a treeLastly, here is the snapshot I took of the tree for reference. I used my artistic license to remove the garbage can. It is starting to get cold here so these lunch sketch outings may not happen as often as I’d like. Although some of my favorite cafes have outdoor heaters so I may just brave the cold for my art… that and a lovely mozzarella and basil sandwich.

photo of tree


2 thoughts on “Going for a walk and sketching at lunch

  1. Your posts are always fun and interesting. I esp. enjoy the organizational details. Since I normally get it via feed, I usually do not take the time to go to the blog to leave a comment; I’ll work on that. Thanks.

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