Pointed pen calligraphy

Pointed pen calligraphyOn Sunday, I went to Handcraft Studio School to attend a workshop for Modern Pointed Pen Calligraphy taught by Diva Pyari of Linea Carta. This is how our kits were presented when we arrived. So beautifully thought out with such loving attention to detail. I wish I would have taken a shot of the sweet studio but I only had eyes for the art supplies.Pointed pen calligraphy We started off learning how to do thin and thick upright strokes then graduated on to curves and next started on the letters. I took a calligraphy class in college and it was then I learned the meditative aspect of drawing a letter over and over again. I was pretty easily hooked by the quiet, slow focus and the methodical quality of learning how to draw each shape. That class way back when was for a Gothic style of letter and a flat nib was used. The thicks and thins of the letter were created by the angle of the nib.Β Pointed pen calligraphy In this class we used a pointed pen nib and the thicks and thins were created by how much pressure we put on the down strokes. In these close-ups of the nib, you can see the point closed which is used with a feather touch to create thin lines and next to it you can see how the tines spread when pressure is applied to create the bold lines.

nib for pointed pen calligraphyWe went on to learn more letters and ended class by working on monograms. Diva taught us to add garland and swirls as embellishments too. I’m so glad to have revisited this art form. It is a real joy. I can’t wait to take the advanced class. Diva’s teaching style is very accessible. Everyone’s work was beautiful. Now, off I go to practice, practice, practice…Pointed pen calligraphy Pointed pen calligraphy Pointed pen calligraphyPointed pen calligraphy