Basilica di San Marcos

Highlights from our tour of the Basilica di San Marco.Basilica di San MarcoIt was high tide so the water came up into the piazza and into the Basilica entrance way.

Basilica di San MarcoInside, the ceiling is covered in beautiful golden artwork.

Basilica di San MarcoThe first and second images show the transformation from Medieval art to the Renaissance period. You can see the added depth & perspective that the artists used in the Renaissance. Last is the beautiful polychrome marble floor.


per my brother’s request…

some food shots…eating lots of pasta in VeniceI must begin with a disclaimer. It is turning out to be rather difficult to remember to pause to take a photo once these amazing dishes have been set in front of me. I consider it a victory that I was able to snap these few before I dug in.

First, Venice is the home of the Bellini so I have had my fair share. Next is Tagliatelle in a duck Bolognese, followed by the classic Spaghetti Pomodoro. Last is a simple spaghetti with a light butter, garlic & tomato sauce with a half lobster on the side. When they brought it out they called the lobster the Gondola. As I imagined, the pasta here is the best I have ever eaten and I plan to keep enjoying it throughout the trip.