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Hello friends & family,

I’m popping in to let you know that Stephanie and I have revived our blog. So I will be posting there more regularly than I have here. I’ll still use this for more personal stuff like sharing travel photos. Fingers crossed for either Bali or England for my 50th. But for now if you want to know what’s going on with me, check us out here. I’ll leave you with a sneak peek to encourage you to head on over.

everythinghasbeauty Luscious-valentines-products4 Luscious-valentines-products



gelli printStill having a great time with the Gelli Art prints so that is what is on my work desk (WOYWW) today. I find circles to be ever fascinating as design motifs. I really can’t seem to get enough of them. I see from Pinterest that it is true for other artists too.

The vertical shots up top are for Julia. Last week, you wanted to see more of my supply caddies so here they are. I am really happy with them. They are simply tea or snack towers that I purchased from the kitchen store. The one on the left was simply a frame, so I also got some cute plates to hold the supplies. Then if needed, I can just take the whole plate down for better access. The one on the right is on a ‘lazy susan’ so it twirls.

art suppliesThe top plate which I didn’t shoot a close up of is just a water spritzer, some sumi-e ink, Q-tips & craft sticks. The next plate holds various Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic inks and Bombay India inks. The bottom plate has some Heidi Swapp Color Shines, Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists, Moon Glow’s Glitz Sprays and Tsukineko Sheer Shimmer Spritz.

art suppliesThe top of this tower has Adirondak Color Wash & Golden’s Glazes. Next are Golden Fluid Acrylics, more glaze and some jars of textile printing ink. Last are Lumiers and Claudine Hellmuth Studio acrylics. I love all the potential that exists in these little colorful bottles & jars. Hours and hours of creative delight!

Follow Your Heart artThis is one of the Gelli prints that I posted last week. I have added some text and plan to put it in the shop as Art Prints, Laptop skins, Phone cases, Greeting Cards, etc. I came up with 2 different designs so thought I would throw it out to you, dear readers, to let me know which one you like best. Simply put Design 1 or Design 2 in the comments. Feel free to say why but no need if it is simply a gut reaction. I’ll post the final decision and if you really like it, then you might want to hop on over to the shop and see if any of the different products tickles your fancy.

We are currently having an Artist Promotion for free shipping. You need to use this link to access the promo. Promotion expires May 31, 2013 at Midnight Pacific Time. *Offer excludes Framed Art Prints, Stretched Canvases and Throw Pillows with insert.

Wanna fall in love? and WOYWW

I mean fall in love with an art medium, that is… Well check out Gelli Arts! Monoprinting without a Press. With it I have made lots of colorful, textured prints. So many that I made this nifty art journal so that I can further embellish my prints! It is fun, fast and totally addictive.


There are tons of tutorials all over the Google & the YouTube so I won’t bore you with the how-to’s of it. Just know that if you are interested in something to express yourself creatively, this is a winner. I am not affiliated with the product and get no kick-backs for my enthusiasm. I just love wonderful products that aid creativity.


Above is my “Slap a heart on it” series. Some of these babies will make it into our shop to be adapted to art prints, iPhone & iPad cases & laptop skins. Maybe even pillows, totes, t-shirts & hoodies depending on how well they adapt to the product. If you are interested, head on over to our website and sign up for our awesome newsletter. Or drop by the shop to see what we already have going on. Free shipping thru Sunday!

Here’s a fabulous collaboration that my partner Stephanie did with her daughter, Bizzy. The design was inspired from pencil drawings out of Bizzy’s sketchbook. I feel lucky to have such a talented mother-daughter duo as part of my team.

Peace for Bizzy collection

Oh yeah, since the top photo is my workdesk, I’m linking to WOYWW which is Stephanie’s sissy, Julia’s blog. I’m tellin’ ya, this is a talented family.

Food in Italy


In most of our hotels in Italy, this was my breakfast… Eggs, fruit & meat. The coffee was superb everywhere… And I mean regular coffee, not espresso or cappuccino which were also fabulous. The regular coffee came in it’s own little pot along with steamed milk! So yummy!!!


Next is drinks. Aperol spritzer, Bellini and Proseco on the train and free too!


Next is a meal we had at Ca’ Sagredo, our hotel in Venice, on the grand canal. Talk about ambience… the lights glittering on the water, the occasional quiet boat floating by and delectable food! A fig appetizer, raviolis and gelato with fresh berries. Heaven!


Yet another amazing and interesting meal. An appetizer in a pastry shell with a cheese filling and farro with a huge prawn. There was a lot of farro in Italy and I developed a love for it. The most interesting thing I ate in all of Italy was this strawberry risotto. Glad I tried it but it was not my favorite. The ravioli with asparagus was quite good but I only had a small taste since I am allergic. But Todd loved it. And last of course desert. I remember it was amazing but don’t really remember exactly what it was.


Enter Roma

Roman gate

We didn’t enter Rome through this gate but isn’t it magnificent? You can really get a sense of scale in the shot with the car & the man next to the door. Can you imagine having to close those doors when the city was under siege?

Street scenes of Rome

Next, some lovely art on the wall of a charming building. Then just one of many castle fortifications that can be seen all over Rome. And for contrast, modern times…. The gas stations are literally along the side of the road. You pull up on what would be the shoulder in the US and fill up. We saw a lot of these cool little scooters all over Rome too.

Evening in Rome

The top shots are the view from our Hotel window onto the Piazza Barberini. Next is the best tagliatelle I have ever had and a nice, big, cool jug of wine! So satisfying, makes me want some right now! Then as we walked home from dinner we came across a lovely piazza with horse-drawn carriages. Last is an impressive view of our hotel as you come upon it in the evening. The Hotel Bernini was featured in the end of the movie Angels & Demons. We have yet to see it but now perhaps we should.

Last bit of Florence

It has been quite a while since I last posted about our Italian holiday. The holiday itself got busier in the last half and the wifi became more difficult to come by. Then we arrived back home and I plunged right into all the business of non-holiday life. So now that we are upon the winter holiday season, I am going to try to finish up with the Italian holiday posts. Seems about right, doesn’t it?

I know I said that next I would post about Rome but I forgot about a whole set of photos from Florence. So this is the last of Florence. Mostly street scenes.Florence-end1

I loved the stained glass Farmacia sign above. Then, this was the largest dog we saw in all of Italy and she looked a lot like our Foxy who is now in doggy heaven so I had to snap a shot of her walking alongside her man as he slowly cycled on the cobblestones. The last shot in this set is of one of the teeny weeny cars that we saw throughout Italy.


We saw a lot of nuns walking around and this one kind of posed for me. She looks kind of mad but that is just how the shot came out. She was actually smiling & encouraging me to take her photo. Next is Michelangelo’s David that we saw at the Academia. We were told not to take photos when we entered and there were signs posted all over but everyone was snapping away. So, only this once, I warned Todd that I was going to go for it. He told me to walk away because he wanted to act like he didn’t know me. I did and got the shot! I later learned that it is part of Italian culture to break the rules. So I guess that is why most of the museums have rules against photography but pretty much everyone ignores them. Next are some street shots from an outdoor market that we shopped along and much-needed refreshments. I had my last Bellini and Todd enjoyed a cold beer.


Finally some really nice street art and the very dramatic sky over Florence.

More from Tuscany

photo of Tuscan country side, Chianti region

Yum, all of the bottles and barrels were beautiful to behold and it smelled really good down there too.

photo of Tuscan country side, Chianti region

The rooster is the sign for Chianti Classico. The government only gives out so many of the official pink Chianti Classico labels. If you have more wine than labels, it gets sold as something other than Chianti Classico. DOCG is another government guarantee of method & quality. We had no idea that there was so much regulation of Chianti Classico, not to be confused with regular Chianti.

photo of Tuscan country side, Chianti region

More beautiful countryside.

photo of Harvest in the Tuscan countryside

It is harvest now. We drove by these two guys who were harvesting by hand. It looked like too much work for just the two of them. Our guide told us that they usually call all of their friends and family and have a harvest party. It sounds like fun but is really hard work.

photo of lunch in the Tuscan countryside

Lunch at a castle on our way to the second estate.

photo of Renzo Marinai Estate

Just a few shots from the second estate, Renzo Marinai. Aw… so sad to pour out that delicious wine.

Duomo, Ufizzi, Arno River, Florence, Italy

And the last shots from Florence: the Duomo, the Ufizzi, and the Arno River with a 5 bridge view including the Ponte Vecchio in the front. Mom, that one would make a good watercolor, don’t you think?

Next is Roma!